Restroom Floor Remodeling Ideas: A Contractor's Suggestion for Your Bathroom Makeover or Improvement


Changing vinyl flooring with something new and modern-day is not horribly expensive-- several hundred dollars. For a number of hundred dollars more you could have tile floor covering. (Never put carpets in a bathroom, and please, don't utilize those do-it-yourself vinyl squares! You'll regret it.).

When replacing the floor covering, the toilet will have to come up, so if you do not have a more recent one, now is the time to change it. The vanity doesn't need to come out; you can merely tile up to its base. If you're getting a new vanity, I recommend pulling it out in advance and covering the whole floor. That way, if you change your mind about the vanity in the future, you will not have an unsightly hole where the old vanity used to be.

Floor tile and installation labor may playing around $1,000 or a little bit more depending upon the size of your bath, the tile you pick, and who will be getting rid of the toilet (and potentially the vanity).

Keep in mind when re-doing the floor that your baseboards will likely be eliminated. They can generally be conserved and replaced unless you have a brand-new size vanity. However it's not too much additional to get new baseboards if you wish to alter the appearance or style.


Second story bathrooms and restrooms above crawl spaces or basements have wood subfloors. Any flex at all will likely result in split grout and perhaps split tiles before too long.

A layer of cement board might include quite a couple of hundred dollars to the cost of your project.


For bathroom floors, vinyl sheet floor covering or tile are your finest choices. If you're handy, you can lay vinyl yourself for about $100. hop over to here It can be $300 to $500 depending on the size of your bath if you have a pro do it.

The range for tile will start around $1,000 for a common bath (leaving out removal and replacement of components), as much as numerous countless dollars for a more complicated task.

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